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What to look for in 2019

OIF YouTube Channel

OIF Studio Project

Status:  Ready to Launch

The OIF Channel will feature a selection of past award-winning OIF Event Productions (i.e. Challenges)  in its channel line-up.  Playlists will be listed by genre.
Leverage the OIF momentum to gain the deserved exposure for you r projects, your crew and cast.

OIF (and participating members) will actively promote the channel in 2019.


Status:  Ready to Launch

Ready to bring collaborative film-making to the next level?

This is a private OIF Studio Project for those who are seriously interested in joining a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in an Indie production with a large scale budget.

This project is open to select stakeholders by invitation.


Public Screenings

OIF Non-Profit

Status:  Proposed

The idea here is to collect and host a PUBLIC showing of select OIF films to local audiences.  

Show your stuff to the outside world! 

Upon collecting substantial and appropriate content, we will show the films in a large theater and invite the media to  attest to the wave of talent rolling out in Central Florida.


Status:  Proposed

Testing the waters for interest in forming as a non-profit to bolster the amount of activities we can create and provide to the independent film community.

From providing educational resources to grants for independent filmmakers to running film festivals and more, as a non-profit we could grow way beyond Central Florida.


More news coming soon.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in any (or all ) of these programs, let us know by filling out the form below


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