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Get in on the ground floor of a growing organization by volunteering.

We are seeking individuals that can commit some time and energy to help OIF get to the next level.  Volunteers will benefit from greater insight into the film industry and boost their networking opportunities by joining one of the committees being formed or contributing their time otherwise.  The experience you will gain by joining in will be invaluable.  Please complete and submit the form following the committee descriptions to let us know your interest.  The acceptance process will be selective, based on your past participation within the group, your level of commitment, respective skills and passion for the future of film here in Florida.  Thank you for your interest!

OIF Challenge Awards Committee

Committee members propose guidelines for the OIF Challenge Awards, ranging from criteria used by judges, to selection of judges, to the direct participation in the entire Awards process.  A sub-committee of the Awards committee will be formed from the general committee members to oversee the judging process itself.  Members of the sub-committee are not allowed to participate or be affiliated with in any current challenge.

OIF Special Events Committee

Members will be charged with helping with the planning and execution of special events, such as the various screenings, parties, holiday gatherings and other OIF events.   At least one member from this group will be charged with managing event posts to the Calendar on the website.

OIF Studio Executive Committee

Initially Advisory, possible permanent membership to those with a proven interest.
This is a steering committee which will pave the way for bringing OIF to the next level.  This committee will be engaged with several charges.

OIF will be initiating a once-per-year production where a single script shall be selected from the general membership which will be produced directly by OIF.  Participants in the OIF production will be required to contribute to the production financially on a pro-rated basis.

OIF is exploring the possible transformation into a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity to promote participation and exposure to the film arts.  This new entity will not have any geographical limitations and will seek funding to help achieve its goals.  One of the programs this new organization will be engaged in will be to hold an annual Film Festival here in Central Florida.
This committee requires the most serious long-term vision and commitment, as well as appropriate qualifications.

In addition to volunteering for one of  the above committees we need your help in other fields such as social media marketing, website posting, public relations, etc.  If you have certain skills that you would like to practice or learn, let us know in the comments section.

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Last updated on October 4, 2018