Summary: This is a short story about a young girl looking for love. She’s running out of time and gets the attention of an overly helpful Cupid who sends 3 possible candidates her way. When things aren’t progressing as fast as he would like, Cupid decides to speed things up. With a fragile heart at stake and time running out, her choices are limited and the men are acting a bit crazy at times thanks to a meddling Cupid. Who will she choose? Will she find true love before it’s too late? Let the dating games begin!


Director – Kim Wright

Producer: Kim Wright, LLC

Production Assistant: Jules Jovan Desrosiers


Writer – Kim Wright

DOP – Stas Ivanov

Assistant DOP – Emily Vickers

General Crew Help: Darroll Khalil Wright


Cupid – Seif Allah Bouchrara

Ana – Megan Raitano

Emily – Melina Smart

David – Austin Lamoureaux

Steve – Tyler White

Adam – Jerry Ocasio

Premiere – February 10th @ 7pm

Winter Park, Florida